Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Challenge

I am proud to announce that my Christmas list for my pen pals is completely finished. Wanna know what it is? Well, I obviously can't discole EVERYTHING. What if one of them were to check into my blog spontaneously and find out what I have in store for them. Well, that would ruin everything... including my motivation. Right now, the element of suprise is one hell of a motivator! I love giving gifts... and I have FOUR days off from work, and FIVE nights off. This presents itself as an amazing opportunity for me to set up a challenge. I personally think I can I finish all gifts for all 6 of my pen pals before the end of the weekend. Did you just say, "Bullshit!" and call my bluff? Well thanks for that! Because I am serious. I just know I can do it.

The Challenge...

By Sunday night, technically your Monday, at 8am, when I am finished with work, I will have the following completed:

  • 3 hat & scarf sets

  • 3 decorated canvas totes

  • 3 stationery sets

  • 5 books/journals/photo albums (not each, but they are all just books really!)

  • 2 make up bags

  • 1 charcoal drawing

Yesss.... It can be DONE! And this will be the funnest challenge I have completed in a Long time... Imagine: **Extreme giddy excitement**

Go ahead and doubt me if you like, but I've already won both the race and all the bets!

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  1. Oh! I'd love to see all what you made!!! you're a super woman!!! XXX