Monday, November 1, 2010

B is for Blasted Blogspot!

I have spent the past FOUR days, which is extremely dedicated for someone like me trying to make this damn thing load all my photos right. I have a totally great (or at least I think so!) blog made out, but all of my photos will only load vertically rather than horizontially how they were saved.

Rather than trying to kill my laptop or searching for those responsible for ruining my blogging experience, I am going to get some sleep!

STUPID BLOGSPOT!!! I gots my eyes on you!


  1. *hmm* A short word of advice:
    Upload your pictures on flickr and link them here afterwards ... that's much easier, because flickr provides you with the code you need! :-)

  2. well, there you have it! I will have to upload something on my flickr account!