Tuesday, September 28, 2010


As I sit here, late at night on my night off from work thinking about how I always bite off more than I could ever possibly chew, I realized something amazing...

I can't say I *never* finish *anything*. The truth is we will all die one day. And I can say that I started AND finished a rather satisfying life, living and loving every single day to the fullest. Even the bad days work out for the better, when it's all said and done. And for that, I am so very thankful.

Until *that* day arrives, I will be crocheting until my arm falls off. At this point, I must break because I can no longer feel my wrist! These purple granny squares are by far the Hugest granny squares I have ever made, totalling 25 rounds each! The most rounds I have ever completed is 12. Sadly my impatience always takes over before I can protest. With these purple squares, I am attempting to make a twin sized bed set. I am excited, but terrified. I may develop arthritis before I finish. As of right now, I have 2.8 squares finished. I need 12 total.

Something hilarious happened. I forgot that I hit my wrist on something before napping after work this morning. When I got up to run some errands, I put icy hot all over my wrist because I thought I was developing tendinitis. The funny thing is that while at the library, some random man who smelled like a big can of stinky foot odor attempted to hit on me. When I glanced at him to give him my infamous "Fuck you and Fuck off" face... much to my dismay... he told me I had something in my nose. I thought it was snot, boogers, something so I frantically rubbed my nose. It turned out to be icy hot cream from my wrist and it burned my nostrils like hell!!! But I didn't let Mr. Toe Jam know that my nose was in complete flames. Instead, I rushed to the cookbook section and hid until the burning stopped. Luckily, it didn't last long because I may have been desperate enough to rip pages out of a book in order to wipe my nose if it had gone on much longer.

For the past 4 years, I have been buying books on Amazon.com and at bookstores. I somehow forgot about the PUBLIC LIBRARY! What a wonderful place! I mean, I must have been totally bonkers to shell out so much cash that could be otherwise spent on art supplies. Case in point, the other day, I spent $30 on cookbooks. What I really wanted was some Japanese paper to make more of these really awesome journals. Next week, I will put away my yarn barrels and hooks so that I can completely commit (oooh! it burns to even think of that word!) to making paper items-- notebooks, journals, photo albums, and stationery sets. I am excited to spend the next two weeks outdoors and in shops looking for some serious inspiration. Let's face it. When it comes to paper items, you really can go as wild as you want with collages, illustrations, photography. I can pay homage to everyone and everything in the world that I love and stamp it on books to sell in bulk. I am super excited to get back into the paper world. This tangled yarn and aching wrist have me just a little cranky!

In preparation for my bi-weekly task, starting next week, check out these awesome books I grabbed from the library. I totally recommend them all. I have read and tried the techniques back in my two bookbinding classes during undergraduate studies. They are really easy to follow! Stay tuned for some amazing results!

By the way, I didn't do anything I planned. Very little sleep. No lemony goodness... and *sigh* to be honest, I can't even remember what else I scheduled myself to complete for the day. All I can think of right now is a warm slice of something sweet and some more zzzzz's. Unfortunately, in an effort to lose weight, I haven't brought anything sweet into this house in AGES, so I guess I will have to find comfort in my pillows for now.

So here is another plan: 1- buy food for a good meal AND dessert, 2- mail letters, 3- do something to both my & my daughter's hair 4- cook and 5- crochet!!! I have to be as close to finished as possible with these crochet projects by next Wednesday, the latest, if I am going to make my deadline...which I will not disclose because it is subject to change! Ha!!!

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  1. First I saw your squares and thought "Uh, that's lovely!", then I scrolled down and saw these books and got excited! THESE are really beautiful!!!

    Okay, focus and read:
    - I'm looking forward to seeing your finished quilt!
    - All the best to your wrist! Hope it gets well soon!
    - *hehe* You need to make yourself an organizer, where you can note all your daily aims! ;-)

    Oh, and btw: LOVE reading your blog!!!