Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Calling on the Coffee Spirits to Get Me Through

3 AM again. I am enjoying another glorious cup of my favorite flavored coffee, now sugarless. It is most definitely the small things in life that make me so very happy. Tonight, I decided to take a break from the movies I normally watch. For two weeks, I watched the Matrix Trilogy. Then, I started to watch Independence Day for two weeks. Then V for Vendetta. And I already confessed about my Julie & Julia obsession of the past week. For someone who gets bored very easily, you wouldn't be able to tell by my movie viewing habits! Tonight, it's The Day After Tomorrow, which I have seen so many times, I can act out the movie alongside the actors.

I am proud to report that, despite my terrible time management ways, I did manage to do what I planned. I must admit that it did cost me some serious sleep. In fact, I was late to work. Let me tell you something. I am a complete expert at getting from my apartment to work in about 11-13 minutes when I live a little less than half an hour away. I am also an expert at "Tokyo Drifting" off the highway, so beware if you are on the roads in my city between 11:30pm-12:15am! And now, I am totally putting a hurt on this coffee, hoping it has some mystical powers to jump start my energy reserves... Otherwise, I may crash while serving breakfast to the kids in the morning. Vision: My head in frech toast sticks as the kids stab me several times in the head with forks.... not pretty, not pretty at all.

I am excited to report that dinner was ahhh-mazing! So very delicious! I am also happy to report that I prepared it all single-handedly. I had no clue that pumpkins were so hard! I have never carved, eaten, or... well, even handled a pumpkin before. In fact, I just thought they were for Halloween decoration, not something to eat. Kind of like fortune cookies. You don't eat those, right? They are just for fun. I am curious as to how people carve pumpkins so easily because slicing the little orange wonder that I purchased was like trying to cut into a cement wall with a butter knife. I didn't taste the pumpkin, however. Not even in the soup. But the cheese soup was awesome! I thought it was an interesting, but potentially odd tasting recipe, but my husband loved it, as did I. The chicken dish was also phenomenal! I've never bought fennel before. I had no idea how to cut it...or what the recipe was speaking of in terms of the parts of the fennel. I just chopped it up, washed it, and hoped for the best! I guess you can imagine that I am not great with following directions. It totally clashes with my free spirited nature. Althoguh fennel smelled like licorice, the chicken was amazingly flavorful. I guess it was the white wine & garlic mixture. YUM!!! That recipe is a keeper, and I will be using it when I host my next dinner party for sure.

The pasta dish wasn't such a hit. I almost passed out in the deli section when purchasing the pecorino romano. The "Cheese Lady" died of laughter... and then proceeded to hand me more cheeses to smell. Despite the fact that I was choking on my own bile by the time I had gone through several cheeses with her, I did decide that my next food adventure will involve brie! And as for the pasta... well, my mom always told me that if you don't have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut. I think she was on to something there because that practice has always served me well.

As for craft magic.... Did it happen? Did I do what I said I would? YES! But, again, time managemnt failures left me with little time to finish everything planned. I was able to turn one heap of granny sqaures into apretty baby blanket for a girl and I finished a cardigan and hat for the layette as well. I am very happy with that. I have had these sqaures nearly completed since the first week in April! Tomorrow, the boy blanket shall be completed as well. Then I will have a total 4 finished crochet projects (out of about 30-40 that I have began) total. I am so excited!

I know what you are thinking right now. *SHOW US* I would...and will. Unfortunately, something has happened to my card reader in my camera. So I have to find an alternate method to upload the pictures onto my laptop. So, check back and these last two blogs will be visually enhanced!

Tomorrow's plan... 1- SLEEP! 2-- finish the baby boy layette 3-- job hunt. Christmas is around the corner, and my bank account is not keeping up with the time! 4-- bake something! I think I will bake something lemony. I love lemon! Let's see how it goes. Also some time tomorrow, I will manage to post the (good) recipes that I cooked last night. It was so delightful that it'd be rude not to share!

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