Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WIPs on a Wednesday

Today has been such a laid back day.  I spent the day enjoying the sunshine pouring in through my blinds, sipping hot lemon ginseng tea, and getting my hooky-hook on.  I have so many ideas for projects.  I need to start a sketch/pattern book or something before I forget all the awesome things I want to do.

Do you ever have that problem?  Where your mind is working a thousand times faster than your hands ever could?  I have that issue literally every single day!  There is something about taking a shower or washing the dishes that inspires me... Something about getting clean pushes in all these creative ideas.  I mean, I even get the best ideas for projects that I actually have no clue how to complete.  If only I could sew!  I would have so many gorgeous collections of evening and bridal wear! LOL.

For now, though, I have to really hold back and hone my focus.  As I have mentioned so candidly before, this pregnancy has been a bit unexpected and as a result, we are definitely unprepared financially for the cost of a new one after so many years.  We have NO BABY ITEMS!  I actually can't even think of all the things a new baby needs anymore.  It's been so long.

I do know that we will need lots of blankets...  and that is something I can handle.

Please forgive all the photobombs by the baby bump.  I have really taken to just snapping pictures of WIPs as I am on the go.  Having to stage photos and move things around sometimes is just too much work. LOL. I have to be honest about my laziness!

I have always wanted to try a "Ripple Stitch" blanket, but I could never understand any of the patterns that I found.  Finally, I decided on a color scheme for my Little Someone and I decided to just go for it.  Whatever happened just happened.... and what's the worst that could happen?  Well, I will tell you!  The "worst" that happened is that I can't do math and, as usual, I totally messed up the pattern and figured out my own way to make this blanket work.  All this catastrophe from the most simplest of patterns that I could find.

And now, I am a little less than half way done!  The mistake I made?.....  If you can't tell, neither will I!  Hahahaha!  I got the super easy pattern here.  I wasn't sure about adding a row of pink, but now that it's there, I love it. I am hoping to have this cutie finished by the weekend.  If not, sooner.  Let's hope I can stay focused!

And here is blanket #2.  I have a total of 4 project ideas and, when I ran out of white yearn for the ripple stitches, I started this pretty ombré blanket.  I am in love with the color purple in all shades.  It's just a rich and beautiful color.  I have always wanted to make an ombré patterned blanket, but I never needed anything small enough for me to try out the pattern.  I am happy that I am in need of some baby blankets now!

I decided to try my hand at switching stitches.  This blanket starts with a shell stitch, but I have always wanted a blanket that has popcorn stitches going across it.  I have NO patience to make an entire blanket of popcorn stitches...... or so I thought.  I've actually never completed a blanket that was worked in rows.  I always get bored and give up.  I feel so motivated to make blankets for my Little Someone that I might actually be able to finish a full blanket of popcorn stitches.  Ha!  Funny how things work out that way.

I am excited about this blanket.  I love the off white popcorn section.  I am hella allergic to the yarn that I am using, and I actually have to wear a face mask as I crochet.  It's not really the yarn that causes the allergic reaction, but the dust.  I am extremely allergic to dust and dust mites.  So, as soon as I am finished with the blanket, it will be washed and I will be fine.  Oh the things we do for our children, right?!

And this is the final installment of the projects I have going at the moment for my Little Someone.  These will just be granny squares.  I never thought much about the color gray until I saw something on Instagram.  It had lavender, mint green, and grey.  Suddenly, I knew EXACTLY which colors I wanted for this new baby. I would have gone with a light brown if it were a boy, rather than the lavender and I probably would have used a turquois and orange as accents, rather than the yellows and pinks...... OH NOOOOO!!!!  I am starting to get ideas for little boy blankets!  GAH! **Must Stay Focused**

Being the creative type definitely has its drawbacks.  Hahahahaa. 

I am really glad to report that I am equally excited about each and every last one of these blankets.  For blanket #4, I haven't decided if I want to do a circles in squares pattern, African Flowers (the granny square modification), or if I want to work in rows again and do a full single-colored blanket in the snapdragon stitch.  Decisions, Decisions!  I am not worried about it for the time being.  I've clearly got my hands completely full with these three blankets that I am working simultaneously.

If anyone has any advice or ideas on cute baby blanket patterns, feel free to share!  I am so motivated right now, that I want to take in as much as I can.

Until then, HAPPY HUMP DAY!


  1. Wow some seriously beautiful crochet, hope you are well hugs x

  2. You're making some gorgeous blankets there--what a super lucky baby!
    These days there seems to be so many things that a baby should have. Just get the basic stuff and they don't all have to be brand new. We got lots of our girls' things second hand - they were all fine and we saved some money too.
    Happy crafting!

  3. doing a ripple blanket is really a challenge!!!
    my mistake was on sides, I had my sides that grown and do not went straigt. I was so mad!!!! But I continue to crochet my ripple blanket and it is ok!!
    I understand my mistake!
    Well, don't be desesperate!
    You are a good crocheter and I am confident in your choice. but for more ideas go to see Pinterest and you will be inspired.