Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tummy Tuesday: December Recap

YAY!!! First post of 2015!   I have finally carved out some time to sit and blog.  Finally!

December is always somewhat of a marathon for this family.  We have, all within about three week's time, holiday school functions with our Little Darling, my wedding anniversary to the Hubs, three birthdays (17th, 20th, 22nd) Christmas, New Year's celebrations and my sister's birthday on January 2nd.  So....  yea.  By the end of the month, I am celebrated, partied, and holiday spirited out!  To top it off this year, my Little Darling was incredibly sick for the first week of January.  I feel like I am just now getting caught up with life.... and all that with NO COFFEE!  It's hard out here for a preggo.  LOL.

I never want to lie about things regarding who I am and what I am capable of.  Honesty is definitely my best quality.  This December was particularly hard on us financially.  We have lived slightly below our means for years, so that we always had a cushion and were comfortable.  We were sort of thrown a little surprise when we got the budget to pay for Little Someone's delivery and that was due in December as well.  I was not in the holiday spirit in the slightest.  Right before our eyes, the December budget grew by thousands of dollars and for the first time in years, I was going to have to choose which things we let go for the month.  That's hard for a Mama!  December is crazy busy, but it's also the month that we try to just make every effort to acknowledge, love on, and celebrate our Little Darling.  Her birthday is just 5 days before Christmas and this year, she was in school more than home for the first time.

I definitely felt the strain, as The Hubs and I decided early on that we would do whatever we could to make sure that our Little Darling knew no difference between this December and any other.  Thankfully, I am rather confident in my handmade crafts skills.  And a Happy Handmade Holidays it was for us!  But that meant that one thing I had to let go was blogging.  I didn't have time to get dressed for photos and I didn't have time to take any pictures or write anything either.  I mean, it was the biggest crazy mad dash of insanity ever!  I am so, so, so happy that I am comfortable to putting my family first and prioritizing.

Today, I am officially 30 weeks pregnant...  GAH!  How did that happen?!  Time flies when you are so busy you can't stay tuned to your pregnancy counter, LOL.
28 weeks, approaching Whale Status...
I had a little time two weeks ago to take some belly pictures, but my Little Darling fell sick, so I wasn't able to post.  Again, I am really proud of myself for being able to prioritize.  I wasn't always this way.  A long time ago, I would consider my family to be an impertinence.  I always felt bothered by their needing my time and attention.  There were times when I would ask my Little Darling to play alone so I could work on art projects or blog "in peace".  Now, after waiting years to be blessed with another child, I know much better!

Children grow so fast.  My heart was completely broken when I noticed that my Little Darling isn't playing with toys as much as she used to.  I think of the time she spent in daycare that I didn't get to watch her play because I was working and going to grad school and I "didn't want to be bothered" with her.  I think of all the times I was busy or tired.  I think of the times when I just wasn't in the mood.....  I feel like I somehow missed it, all the many precious moments to see her be sweet and tiny.  Now, she is growing up, reading and writing, doing art projects on her own, and asking for her "alone time" without me.  I guess I taught her well in that regard, but I won't be making the same mistake again.  Having been given a second chance, I will definitely take more time and pay better attention to BOTH of my little girls.

I am so excited about this new year!  It's more than just a new year, a chance to change, improve, or undo mistakes... This is the year that everything changes for our family, and I couldn't be more excited about it!

I am mega also mega THRILLED to finally have the time to start showing off some new projects I have been working on, starting tomorrow.  I made some things in November/December, but I had no time for photos.  They needed to be mailed straight out. I am pumped to show off what I have on the hook tomorrow, so see you then!  


  1. congratulation for your pregnancy!
    there is a long time I din't stop here.
    lot of changes!
    Don't be afraid about knitting lace pattern as I showed on my blog, I think you just have to try it!
    Lets go!

    1. Thank you! You have more confidence than I do. Hahahaha! I always make mistakes with patterns :-)

  2. You are a wonderful honest person x

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family! And congratulations on the pregnancy!
    Looking forward to seeing all your handmade creations! Have a lovely week!