Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Back Your Body Challenge (SBYB): Week 1

It's a happy, rainy Monday in my city.  I am thankful for the rain.  I have been outside and running around like a crazy person since last Wednesday or Thursday.  It feels great to be getting back into homeschooling now that spring break has ended. I thought I would be more irritable, but I am all right with it today.  The rain helps.  I have no desires to be outside.

Something else that I am getting back on track with is my fitness plan.  I keep falling off the wagon and getting back on, and the scale does a lovely dance between less than 200 lbs.... and right back to just over it.  I got really inspired over the weekend, and decided to dive in headfirst this morning to jumpstart (or REstart, rather) my fitness routine.

There is this group on ...YouTube?  I believe it's there, but maybe also Instagram.  People are doing the "Spring Back Your Body" Challenge.  I have been added to groups like this in the past and I never kept up with it, so we will see what happens here.  I do know that it is important to let everyone know what your goals are so that you feel some pressure and accountability.  That's what this will be here...  Just a place for me to document my progress and set some goals.  Unfortunately, what few readers I have will have to suffer through these unartistic and non creative post.  Hopefully, someone will feel inspired, though. I only plan to post once per week.  I will be honest, reading post after post about how much someone weighs, what they ate, and the workouts they did is BORRRING!!!  Even though I read loads of such material on a regular basis.  It's still pretty fucking boring.

Don't ask why, but I feel the need to quickly clarify something about myself --- I am not unhappy with myself.  I have a fitness goal that I want to achieve so that I can regain my confidence.  Wanting to feel more confident is not the same as discontentment.  I am happy and healthy, but I can see several areas that I would like to transition from *happy-fluffy* to *HAPPY TONED*. 

All of that being said, let me clue you in on my plan: 

Yea... that's kind of all I got.  If you were expecting that I had some sort of special recipe for success, well, I don't.

I have a checklist of workouts that work your whole body that I will do daily.  I know there are several approaches to how you should schedule your workouts.  I am doing what works for me.  And right now, I need to get used to moving my ass on a daily basis.   If you are interested, leave a comment or contact me, and I will email you the checklist as well :-)  Share the wealth!

I am doing this in addition to an hour of cardio at the gym.  It'll be a combo of elliptical, bike, and treadmill, depending on how my knee is holding up.  I also live near a variety of parks, so I will be out with friends and my Little Darling "Getting our miles in", as we like to call it.

What am I eating?  I am going to try and stick to a 1500 calorie budget.  Right now, some days, I eat twice this, and some days, I only manage enough time to eat half of this.  I think that forcing myself to maintain this plan will help me have more energy and curb cravings for sweets...  mmmmmm Sweeeeetssss....

For the next three weeks (I am breaking everything into 3 week time frames) my meals will be:

Any kind of eggs (scrambled, fried, poached, boiled) on multi-whole grain toast (NO butter or cheese) and some tea.  I usually drink Black spiced tea, but I will be alternating between that and some detox tea every morning.

Lunch:  (Option 1) Chicken/Fish with steamed mixed veggies and a quinoa/brown rice mix.
             (Option 2) A salad, comprised primarily of mixed greens and cucumbers with a vinaigrette dressing and maybe an egg if I am starving .... which I was today!!

Snacks:  I don't snack.  I don't buy snacks. I have fresh fruit for my Little Darling and Kiki, but I never snack.  After working out in Beast Mode today at the gym, I came home  ravenous, so I will have to do something about that.  Maybe some fresh veggies, since I am not the biggest fan of fruit.
Until I get some ideas together for snacks, I am just going to drink this tea

I make it on ice with some honey and a little sugar.... I simply cannot drink tea without some sort of sweet something happening.  Otherwise, it just tastes like grass to me. LOL.

That leaves me about 600 calories for dinner, which will just be some soup.  Usually, by the time dinner rolls around, I am BEAT!  I am exhausted, hot, brain dead, and irritable.  I enjoy cooking, so I still prepare a family meal, but I am excited about not having to go all out each night because I won't be eating along with the fam. I am the Goddess of healthy soup recipes.  I can pull a low cal, healthy, filling soup outta my ass like nobody's business.  So that's what it'll be for dinner for the next 3 weeks.  I'll share recipes, of course.

Also-----  WATER, WATER, WATER!!!!!!!  I'll be aiming for 60 ounces per day.  I'll have three 10 oz glasses of lemon water (eeeeew!! ß I HATE lemon water.  It's my least fave, but really good for detox & bloating) in addition to three 10oz glasses of plain water with my vitamins, with meals, and during workouts.

 For me, it's easier to just stand there and drink the whole glass of water.  Lord knows I can chug a 10oz can of Coca-Cola in a blink!  So forcing down some water should be just as easy, right?  I hope so!

My stats for right now:
Weight: 198lbs
Waist: 35.5"
Hips: 44"
Thighs: 26"

Let's see if there is any difference in these numbers by next week! 

Happy week to you all.  And if you have ANYTHING to share (fitness inspiration, blogs you like, advice, recipes, workout ideas, or even just YOUR PERSONAL GOALS) PLEASE, PLEASE share with me!!!  I would be really grateful.  It takes a village, people!

Thanks in advance and GOOD LUCK with whatever your goals are this season!


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