Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Well, Well.... Here I am again, after so many days...weeks...

I planned on having all these glorious TA-DAHHH moments, but that's clearly not what happened.  What did happen was I became overwhelmed with work and then lost my job.  Gotta love how that works out, huh?  I guess God could tell that I was really overworked after having spent 2 years working all night and staying up all day to do some combo of  school, a second job, housework, and child rearing.  I was tired.  But losing my new job was a bit much!

At any rate, my husband and I decided that I should just kick back and do the "Mom Thing".  I am excited about that!  Though, I don't think I will be very good at it.... The amazing thing is that I will be able to make more posts and finish more projects with all the time I will have!  The scary thing is that I will have so much time, and Bri + Bored = A Hot Mess!!!  I get crazy, when bored.

So what have I worked on in the week or so since I lost my job?  Quite a bit, actually... it's rather frightening!

 Ha!  It has been a long time, since I have had one of these pictures.  I picked up a third shift at my old job, working with Demons, err, I mean Lovely Little Angels at a childrens' home.  I totally couldn't resist the picture of the insanity.  I have movies, snacks, and yarn to keep me up all night.  Surprisingly, tonight has gone rather quickly and rather easily!  I am impressed with myself.  The last night shift I worked was Mothers' Day.  I seem to have a knack for picking up shifts on holidays, while super exhausted!

This little purple thing is a lil' project for my daughter.  I haven't decided if I should post everything at thing one time to show all 4 requests made by my Little Darling...or if I should do it in a 4 part series.  I have finished one of the requests she put in, but I have this one (89% done) and 2 other blankies to make.

The cardi is for this one-armed gremlin I know.... Just kidding!  I don't know any one-armed gremlins, but it is for something special.  Usually, I reveal too much too soon and I lose interest.  Can't do that this time.  I have to keep it all secret, but I will show little snibbly bits of what I am doing.  When I fully get my shizz together, I am going to tell everyone what exactly I am doing.......ooooh, and that will be one HAPPY DAY!

This is going to be a blankie made of the same colors that were in the one-armed cardi up above.  Oh, by the way.... two things:  (1) These pictures were all snapped with my phone, so I could post from work.  and (2) The cardi will have another sleeve put on!  The blanket is made from the same colors used on the cardi and it is also for my super-secret fantasmal amaze-tastic project that will be explained in due course.

Since I will be blogging MUCH more often, I should probably explain something......
1-- I curse.  I do.  I have a potty mouth that makes most grown men blush like little nuns.  For the most part, I don't curse much in posts.  But an F* Bomb or two may be dropped, pending an appropriate topic!
2--  I will never be MeMe Rose (awesome!!) CreJJetion (phenomenal!!) or Attic24 (superb!!)  Most of my pictures will be quick snibbets because I am impatient.  I am also not anywhere near as chirpy.  I will never blog about pretty tea pots that I found in some corner shop, my awesome bagel-muffie and latte from my fave coffee shop....or pets of any sort.  While I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE these blogs to life, I am just not that ... happy, patient, and/or enamored with the small things in life

If I am lucky, I will inspire some odd-humored, eccentric, indie-rock loving, kitschy quirkball like myself to come up with a creative blog where s/he can also express him/herself happily in her/his own way, free of judgement.  That's what I hope for!

Now, that we have that sorted, I have to do some work.  It's over halfway into my shift, and I have just been watching movies, walking around, and passing gas all night.  Time to get serious!  Depending on what sort of exhausted stupor I end up in after work, I may make another post later today to show some more things I have finished and that I am working on.  I know what you are thinking.... "You finished 2-3 things, you have shown us 3 WIPs and there is still MORE????"  My answer is a sweet, simple, "Yes".  No kidding, I have been a crochet BEAST!

Too-Da-Looooo for now!

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