Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just Checking In....

I am secretly sneaking in this post from work!  Even though I have my own office and no one micro-manages me.... I am always looking over my shoulder and sneaking a quick read through all my favorite blogs. 

I now work in a transitional housing program for homeless single mothers.  There are moments in which I am completely frustrated and totally stressed.  I would be a freakshow if I did what I felt like doing at times...which is crawling under my desk, hiding and rocking out to some music on my phone until I felt like interacting with another case. 

Rather, I have learned to start each day with a few moments to skim through and read my favorites.  Man, Oh MAN!  It makes the whole day better to see such beautiful, sweet, wonderfully written and photo'd blogs out there.  There are days where I am banging my head on my desk and having vivid visions of jumping out my window (which is small and ground level--don't worry.  No suicide attempts here!  I can't blog about life if I'm not living!!!) and making a fast break for the elementary school park across the street so I can swing all day and pretend to be a child, relishing the glory days of a life minus any responsibilities whatsoever.

So I  just wanted to take a moment to say: 

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH AND SO VERY KINDLY to all the beautiful women all over the world who post these wonderful posts to keep my days full and light with literary and visual delights, temptations, inspiration and ideas.... THANK. YOU.  SO. MUCH!

Project update???  I am all over this little boy blanket!  The bigger hexies that I started would have made a blanket in 80 hexagons.  The smaller ones, especially with no border is going to take more like 120-150.  So, I had a little breakdown at the comittment I was going to have to make....and then I took a deep breath and got my hook on!

As of right now, I have 96 hexies of various color combos and I have not repeated one color combo yet!  I am really proud of this because normally I am super boring and I have to plan & draw everything out.  It makes for very "manufactured" looking finished project, but it is lacking this creative adventurism, which is likely not even a word. 

What I mean is I am on a mission to create Creatively Sponateous pieces that are full of interesting color combinations.... and this is all in an effort to move closer and closer to my big surprise.  This time last year, this surprise wouldn't have been possible because I couldn't commit to anything whatsoever, but I finally found my knack!!!

Hint:  I LOVE making things for children :)

So, stay tuned for a more picture-filled post so I can show an update of my progress on this little boy blanket and a preview of the colors to be used for the girlie version...and a little TA-DAHH! 

Have a Tremendous Day!


  1. Hi, just found your blog via Coco Rose. I love fidning inspiration on the web too. It brightens many a day. I am loving the blankets.

  2. thanks! I really love the dolls you make! i have been trying to learn to make my daughter dolls since forever. needless to say.....no dolls :D

  3. Hi,
    Many thanks for visiting my blog. I am a teacher which can be stressful and frustrating so I completely agree about need ing a have an outlet to enjoy. I perhaps read too many blogs and do not make enough. However, in the evenings once the work for the day job is odne I am too tired to make so reading what everyone else is up to is the next best thing.
    Glad that you like the bag, thought I might use it this summer.
    Best wishes from Cornwall UK

  4. HI Bumblebri..........I just stumbled across your blog via Coco Rose. I adore your blog, the green is very nuturing and transends into your work, every piece has green in it, one of my most favorite colours!!!. I understand how frustrating you job can be , I used to work as psychiatric nurse in an all female acute in-patient ward and felt the same at times. It was then I really started to do art seriously for stress relief and have been doing it ever since. Keep doing what you are doing and perhaps one day your life path may be even more enriching, more fullfilling than it may be now. Also the reason you may feel the way you do , is because you do a great job at work and give your all to these women and perhaps change their lives in some postive way!!!

    Tight Hugs



  5. Darn... I don't know what happened here! When I read your comment I thought to myself "why haven't I seen any posts by BumbleBri lately?" and followed your picture then hop on to your blog... I'm a follower, what happened here?! Don't know... but anyway, I'm back!
    I love your posts--I can just see you cuddling under your desk or dashing off to the window and completely understand you. I'm half way between anxious about going back to work and scared of it. But I know I'll be sneaking in to read some posts when I can ;)
    Keep smiling! And as cheerful as ever!