Saturday, May 17, 2014

Oranges and Blues....

It's an easygoing Saturday afternoon in this house.  I'm loving it.  I love the days, where I wake up to my husband.  Then, I find out that he has done all the breakfast cooking and that I am up late because he let me sleep in peace for an extra few hours, after he's been up working third shift all night.  What a hubby, I have!  I love being spoiled a little, every here and there.

Well, I know I have been missing in action for a couple of weeks.  I was on a kick of trying out so many new projects that I didn't take time to photograph or post about any of them.  Silly me!  I have this thing about actually WANTING to be a "Jill of all trades, but a master of none".  It's like deciding between wanting to be "A person who knows a lot about one topic" or "The person who knows a fair amount about a lot of random topics".  I strive to be "ooooh-kaaaay" at many different crafts and art media, rather than focusing on just one thing at a time and mastering that skill.

Don't get me wrong.  I don't have any special formula for success.  I only excel at doing what makes me happy.  For the past couple of months, hand sewing and felt projects has brought me lots of joy.  So does making flowers, so I have been experimenting with that too. 

Then something happened...  I had to pack up everything and put it all away. Painters showed up in my apartment, and just like that, I had to shut down the little artsy vortex I'd created.  I realized that I had seventy-eleven projects going and they are all in different craft media.  I have a list a mile long of topics to blog about and a "Do It" list twice as long, listing projects I need to finish in order to make the posts.  So yea... dilemma! 

Once everything was out of sight and I could actually see the floors in my apartment, I had to pick what projects to pull back out.  Or worse of me, I had to decide if I wanted to just plain start yet another unrelated craft adventure.

Being overwhelmed, I chose to crochet!  I always come back to hooking.  I understand it.  I can do it without looking.  There's no chaos or mess involved (as long as I am not using 30 colors of yarn!) and I can easily lose myself in the calming, repetitive nature of the projects.

So I got back to hooking. 

For about a year or so, I have been obsessed with the color combination involving shades of orange, mints, sea foam, aqua, turquois, and maybe a little teal, and also light shades of pink.  I know, when I put it this way, it sounds crazy... 

But look at it this way:
I am all about this color combo!  I love it so much.  And having some time to make these tiny hexies, that also double as a sort of swatch work for me, has just made me more passionate about creating a space that uses these colors.

The plan is to redecorate my Little Darling's bedroom in these hues.  It's a slow process, but man!  As I come one step closer, slowly, but surely, I am really excited about it and I love watching the progress unfold before my eyes.

These two projects are for pillow covers.  My Little Darling told me that she wants "cool pillows".  Since I am going to be redoing her room anyway, I figured I should just make them in the colors of her new room.

The African flowers will be for a large pillow.  The mini hexies will be for a smaller one.  I just need to decide how I want to arrange the smaller ones.

In some sort of color transition:

Or if I want to just place them randomly on the pillow...

I guess the free spirit in me is leaning towards the latter.  I love the colors being tossed up and placed wherever they land.

Other projects in the works:
  • Finding/ making a shelving unit with the little boxes inside.  I will sew the boxes, possibly using felt...  That is easier for me to embellish and embellishments for a little girl's room is EVERYTHING!
  • Finding a headboard or making a canopy.  I haven't made a decision yet.  I think it makes no sense to do both.  I might just do a small wall art in place of the headboard and go with the canopy & mobile... again, it's aaaaalll about the embellishment and "Wow factor".
  • A Quilt & pillow cases----  Yes, this involves sewing.  Yes, I am shitting my pants just thinking about it.  Everyone tells me that quilt making is really simple.  I had my doubts, which were completely confirmed by fellow non-sewing friend, *D*.  I'm intimidated, but I am determined to have this room look the way I want it to... 
A small little post for now.  Next week, I will be doing a huge giveaway, so I may not be able to return to this project for some time, but, again, I am loving the slow progress on this project.  I am watching the pieces of this puzzle come together.  Here's a secret:  This will be my FIRST EVER room that I have actually tried to "design" and decorate.  I'm very nervous and in no way going to rush this.  It's for someone really special, my Little Darling, and I want everything to be perfect for her!

Have a Happy Satruday!!!  Stay tuned for my week's worth of GIVE AWAYS, which I am planning to start either tomorrow or Monday.


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  1. I can totally relate to this in regard to unfinished projects and trying different crafts at the same time. That could be me writing this post :)
    Love your African flowers! They are just gorgeous!