Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Final Days of April

This month went by so fast! I didn't even realize that it was over until I spent some time this morning to read blogs. Well, I shouldn't say "some time". I get so hooked on what everyone is doing these days and what other project ideas there are, it really goes on forever. And after I am finished with my favorites, I start checking out the links to the things they are reading as well. So, yes, eh-hemmm, I spend a reasonable amount of time, skimming through blogs :) They make me happy.

This month hasn't been a complete waste, yet, I need to take a moment to stop myself and really think: Did I finish all I could? Did I do everything I wanted? The answer to both of those questions is a quick, serious NO!

So, with hopes that this rainy, stormy, electricity lacking, sometimes cold and other times not so cold, sinus infected Spring time is coming to a permanent end... I am making a pledge to start something new for May that will continue until about October. You will have to wait to see what this "secret mission" is. I call it a "mission" because it's bigger than a project. If a project were the result of an Idea Baby that was birthed and nutured into something practical, yet beautiful and tangible... then the "mission" could only be compared to a very fertile mother, who sits back enjoying the beautiful, colorful fruits of her labor.

I have been going back and forth with whether going through with the "secret mission" is something I could actually see myself starting, but more importantly FINISHING. I think the answer to that, after much thought, journaling, and prayer is finally a YES!

I just couldn't let the entire month pass without making at least one more little post. The next time you hear from me it will be May -- Derby time in my city! I will have started my Mission, and I will have forced myself to do something I seriously don't enjoy: Decorating. My new office is horrendous! Almost frightening, really. I love color, but I don't naturally have the decorator's knack. I won't be able to continue enjoying this office space if I don't cheer it up with something.... even if that "something" is me sneaking in here in the middle of the night with paint filled balloons and tossing them at the walls! Ok, well, that deifnitely won't happen. I just got this job, and I don't need to be fired due my lack of impulse control and my unconventional methods of office decor. But this little space of mine will transform! Mark my words!

***** Unitl Next Time!!! *****

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  1. Hello Bri,
    Thank you sooo much for visiting my blog and leaving such sweet comments :)
    About choosing the colors for my projects I choose the design and colors randomly I just follow my heart ;) sometimes the result is not so good sometimes it depends on my mood hehe :)
    I'm gonna go surf your blog too...and add it to my reader list ;)
    Have a beautiful friday!