Monday, January 10, 2011

Seeing Stripes & Loops!

Well, it appears that I am able to make new posts on Wednesdays, so I guess my weekly tasks will go from Wednesday until Wednesday!

Normally, when I make some sort of statement in regards to starting and finishing something within a certain time frame, I end up never returning to the blog to post about my shortcomings. Well, not this time! I am proud to announce that I have completed FOUR projects (not just the Three) for this week.

For the time being, I am completely obsessed with making scarves. For a split second, I thought to myself about the potential of the fresh spring season being around the corner. I was also reminded of this while online shopping and seeing all the floral prints and light-weight linen pants. But, as I took a peek outside my window, I was reminded of something even more relevant: It's still snowing full throttle in most places right now...and the corner that the spring season is right around? Well, that corner is about 2-3 miles away right now. With that in mind, I set out to explore this new craze I have for making scarves.

It all started in December. I decided to make scarves for all my pen pals, a seemingly large feat. Once I got started, I realized that scarves are really fun and easy to make. Most importantly, I can start and finish them in almost one sitting because I am done with them before my complete incapability to resist the temptation of distractions around me and my short attention span issues kick in.

I made a scarf for a pen pal, who later mentioned she preferred pink & purple. So I took that scarf and started to wear it myself. Much to my surprise, nearly everyone who saw it asked me where I got it and how much it was for me to make one. Then, this little sparkle went off in my mind, and I thought, not for the first time, to myself: " What if I were to create more of these scarves? They are simple and quick to make. What if I changed the base color and had more design options?" It was just a thought at the moment with the intention of making the same scarf for a few people as Christmas presents. Needless to say, I never finished the gifts, but I did manage to make two more scarves!

This black one has a different set of contrast colors, but I have to admit that I am not really excited about this color combination. Instead, I think that the contrast colors will remain the same and the main colors will change for each scarf.

I prefer this white main color to the crazy contrast colors of the black scarf. But, in order to redeem myself, I plan to redo the black scarf!

I would like to think of myself as being able to create for men and women, but there is something about creating items for women that is both more exciting and more interesting to me. I get bored when I think of all the browns, blues, greys, and blacks for men. All I see is an enchanted rainbow world of possibilities when it comes to creating things for women & girls!

Then, I was web-browsing... or whatever the online shopping equivalent to "window shopping" would be called... on Bloomingdale's website. I was in the accessories section because, well, no matter what happens to me financially, I would only be able to "splurge" on an accessory from such an expensive, high-end store. Even still, I rarely find something within my budget. At any rate, I found this amazingly chic crocheted cowl neck scarf or neck warmer.

I couldn't find the image again for the longest, so without the visual reference, duplication was impossible. That prompted long hours of internet research on cowl neck scarves and circle scarves. I was so excited about the results, I immediately started to make circle scarves, neck warmers and so forth. Obviously, Bloomingdale's neck warmer is of superior craftsmanship. It is so sexy and sleek! I don't know if I will ever be able to pull off something of this magnitude, but man, I am committed to trying!

As for my personal artistic endeavors, I used these inspirations as a jumping point to begin my own little journey in the crocheted accessory world. These are the scarves I have completed thus far (in addition to the two that I have given away), but I have some new ideas in mind!

I really love the way this can be casual or dressy. I don't want to give it away... but something tells me I would be better off if I didn't choose to keep everything I made!

I especially like the sequined yarn. You can get it at Hobby Lobby. I am not sure if these stores are nation-wide, but I know I have access to three of them here in Kentucky/Indiana! Either way, you can order online. It's decorative, sexy, and most importantly, soft on your skin!

I will definitely need to get some lamps to create better lighting. This is thinner and made with a different brand of yarn.

All of these circle scarves are made with multiple strands of yarn. This one was made with four strands: magenta, royal blue, dark purple, and black. It's the Caron Simply Soft yarn that you can get almost anywhere, even Wal-Mart.

This week, I really want to focus on being unique. I think that anyone can make a simple striped scarf. Anyone who knows how to connect a crocheted chain into a loop can easily make a cowl neck scarf or a circle scarf. I want to push myself to see what other ways I can present the same basic concept!

Here is a sneak peak of what sorts of things to look forward to next week.

I just recently learned to make African Flowers. If I can find the tutorial, I will create a link for it next week. This week should be interesting!

Wish me luck!!!

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